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Andrea started practising Pilates after a long standing back problem which was worsened after a car accident. She had wanted to find something that would help strengthen her body as well as her back and also complement her running. After a couple of months of practising Pilates she was hooked, but didn’t realise at the time where practising this method of exercise would lead her.

Andrea fell pregnant in August 2008 and that’s when she found Body Control Pilates. She continued to practice Pilates until a week before her baby was born and was back at a normal class four weeks after giving birth. She truly believes that the Pilates helped her to stay mobile and fit during her pregnancy and also helped her get back in shape soon after.
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She is now stronger and fitter than ever with less back pain than she’s had since her early twenties. She believes this progressive approach that stems from the eight principles slowly and steadily builds your body strength. She also believes that Pilates is an exercise method that can help anyone; from improving general fitness, mobility and posture, to reducing stress levels and overall body tension.

Since qualifiying as a Body Control Pilates teacher in January 2011, Andrea has continued to build on her knowledge and experience and gained her Level 4 Certificate in Instructing Applied Pilates Matwork in October 2015. This Level 4 certificate represents the highest level of achievement within the health and fitness industry and is recognised by Ofqual and Active IQ. She has also gained her Level 3 Pilates for the Older Person qualification, again the highest qualification that can be achieved.

She continues to develop her knowledge of the method with her own personal training and specialist courses. She believes that Pilates is an ongoing learning process. Therefore to continue her own development, means that her clients also continue to develop and benefit.

To find out how Pilates can help you, contact Andrea at Think Pilates.


“Pilates is an exercies method that can help anyone, of any age, male or female”
Andrea Lawson, Think Pilates

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